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Distribution for profit or financial gain is is not permitted. Distribution in commercial collections, compilations, or books without express permission from the authors is not permitted. All material on this site is copyrighted 2005 -2007 Lee Parker

The objective of this site is to serve the interests of the growing population of didjeridu players around the net world.

With the blessings Toyoji Tomita, I am attempting to reconstruct the Mills College didjeridu website.  As time progresses, I will be adding interactive aspects to allow members the opportunity to update sections of the site.

This W3 site should be fun to use. A place on the net where we can share ideas, hints and tips about the didjeridu and didjeridu playing. We're sure that you all have something to contribute to your fellow didj players.

We would be doing a great injustice to you the didj enthusiast, as well as the Australian Aboriginal people, if we did not attempt to address wider issues such as Aboriginal culture, spiritualism and their political repression. It is our duty to ensure that the material in this project fosters an understanding of these issues. As the Yidaki becomes assimilated into many non-Australian Aboriginal cultures, we must not risk losing the history and meaning associated with the instrument.

Dreamtime Charter - An introduction to and statement of purpose for the project.
Australian Aboriginal people - Links to Australian Aboriginal studies resources.
Didjeridu Introduction - What's a Didjeridu ? - Myths and Legends - History.
Didjeridu Digest - The archive of the didjeridu listserv postings.  (need a link for this - lp)
Bibliographic Database - Literature related to the didj.
Discography of Didjeridu Recordings - Cover photos - Audio samples - Reviews.
Technical corner - building and repairing didjeridus.
Didjeridu Player's Resource Guide - where to get the goodies.
Instructional information - Lessons and tips on playing - Includes audio !
Virtual Gallery - Aboriginal Art - Photos of Didjeridus and more.
Other Sites - Related WWW sites.
Dreamtime Calendar - Calendar of upcoming didjeridu related events.
Didjeridu Player List - Database of Didjeridu Players around the globe.
Comments From Visitors - What people are saying about Dreamtime W3.
Development of Dreamtime - What can you do for Dreamtime W3?

Frequently Asked Questions - Kevin Polley's compilation


Credit is given where it is due - Thanks to the all the contributors.


Comments, questions and contributions welcomed !