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Development of Dreamtime W3

Last updated: 11/02/07

We're looking for contributions !

Dreamtime W3 is built from your contributions. Without you, Dreamtime W3 is nothing. We're constantly looking for contributions, from enthusiastic supporters of the project.

Here are some ideas for the types of contributions we seek.

Australian Aboriginal Culture - anything !
Australian Aboriginal Land Rights
Australian Aboriginal Ethnomusicology research
Discography entries (gifs, audio, reviews)
Didjeridu playing technique
Yidaki Physics
Other sites of interest.
Bibliographic references - actually a whole new bibliography.
Programming volunteers
Volunteers to get publishing permission for the discography
Basically anything which will improve the site!


Future technical development of Dreamtime W3

Here are a few ideas I'd like to see realized.

Database and forms interface for maintaining the players list. Users should be able to look after their own database entry with a simple password, saving me a ton of dog work.
RealAudio support.
On the fly audio file format conversion to support all audio formats, from just one compressed copy of the audio.
World Map for the player database.
Better navigational interface - its getting seriously cluttered.
Some nice graphics for navigating options.
Database interface to discography and bibliography

We're looking for ideas

We're on the lookout for active participants in the project. If you've benefited from the project and would like to lend a helping hand with any of the above, get in contact with us !


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Lee Parker
Comments, questions and contributions welcomed !